Banner that reads "Fair Contract Now" hung on a building with a group of graduate students on the picket surrounding it

Statement on GSOC Strike and Faculty Support

NYU-AAUP stands in support of GSOC’s strike action. We deplore the efforts of NYU’s Administration to divide faculty over support of the strike with its threat to take action against those who choose not to cross the picket line. We strongly advocate that faculty resist calls to substitute their own labor for that of their Teaching Assistants/Course Assistants in the matter of grading or teaching. This means resisting pressure from the administration to submit grades where labor is being withheld through the strike.  Instead, we urge faculty to pressure the NYU administration to negotiate a new contract with GSOC in good faith; a good contract is the best way to support all our students, graduate and undergraduate.

To clarify: the NYU-AAUP is advocating that faculty respect the strike by NOT substituting our labor for TAs and CAs. If you are teaching a course without TAs/CAs, you should proceed as normal since we ourselves are NOT on strike. This respects the NLRB guidelines governing the right to strike.

Image via GSOC.