NYU-AAUP Letter to President-Designate Mills

February 28, 2023

Dear President-designate Mills/ dear Linda,

We are writing to extend our congratulations to you upon your selection as President of NYU
and to express our hopes for a good working relationship with you and your administration.

By way of introduction to our organization: The NYU-AAUP is an advocacy chapter linked to
the national Association of American University Professors, the only cross-disciplinary national organization for university faculty that advances and defends values for the profession. NYU’s chapter is based at the University’s New York City campus, although it advocates for all NYU- employed faculty and graduate students across the global network. As an advocacy chapter (not a collective bargaining chapter), our primary goals are to encourage faculty participation in governance at New York University, particularly in face of the coordinated assault against shared governance in recent years; to defend academic freedom at NYU and throughout academia, including in our most recent new era of third-party corporate mediated instruction, research, and meeting; and to protect and advance the professional interests of all faculty and researchers in colleges, universities, and professional schools, especially as austerity and restructuring increasingly threaten the livelihoods of NYU’s faculty, students, and researchers. We are committed to anti-racism efforts within the university and to prioritizing the reduction of institutional inequalities for students, staff and faculty of color, along with LGBTQ+, and disabled community members.

We welcome any efforts on your part to turn governance at NYU into a more inclusive and
transparent administrative process; to decrease tensions on campus by recognizing voluntarily the rights for collective bargaining units to unionize and negotiate contracts; to protecting the educational vitality of the institution by ensuring affordability and comprehensive debt relief for our past and present students; and to divesting our institution’s resources in fossil fuels and the hyper-polluting of our planet. Real efforts towards the hiring and retention of diverse faculty, while supporting the intellectual autonomy of Departments, are also hugely important to our organization. We are happy to discuss these and other issues with you, when you have a convenient time to acquaint yourself with AAUP at NYU.

In the meantime, we wish you success and look forward to working with you in this new NYU

NYU AAUP Executive Committee

Rebecca Karl, Professor, History
Paula Chakravartty, James Weldon Johnson Associate Professor, Gallatin & MCC
Andrew Ross, Professor, Social and Cultural Analysis
Anna McCarthy, Professor and Chair, Cinema Studies
Mohamad Bazzi, Director of the Kevorkian Center of Near Eastern Studies and Associate
Professor of Journalism
Vasuki Nesiah, Professor of Practice, Gallatin
Marie Monaco, Associate Professor, Department of Neuroscience and Physiology