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Event: Academic Freedom, University Ethics, and Practices at Home and Overseas (April 9, 2019)

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Academic Freedom, University Ethics, and Practices at Home and Overseas

April 9, 2019
Rm 108 Tisch 721 Broadway

Academics today work in national contexts of deepening repression and  authoritarianism, as well as rising tides of anti-democratic and nativist forces.  Faculty, students and staff in the US and beyond have had to contend with  censorship, intimidation, security denials, firings, disappearances, imprisonment and killings. This has direct implications for researchers and teachers at NYU, as  well as for the Global Network University project. 

What ethical responsibilities do universities have to ensure academic freedom?  Should universities establish campuses in nations with repressive authoritarian  regimes? How should universities be accountable for the safety of their  researchers? What legally-binding guarantees must they obtain, and what  written protocols should they develop, to ensure that governments do not violate or erode promised freedoms? How should universities respond when the  academic – or even bodily – freedom of their members are threatened? What  crucial roles do and should professional academic associations play? 

NYU’s AAUP chapter, Sanctuary Coalition, Gallatin Human Rights Initiative, Asian/Pacific/American Institute and Depts of American Studies, Cinema Studies,  English, History, Middle Eastern and Islamic Studies, and Social and Cultural  Analysis – invite you to join an open conversation on these questions.


Henry Reichman  

Prof. Emeritus of History, California State University 
Chair, AAUP Committee on  Academic Freedom  and Tenure 
Author, The Future of  Academic Freedom (JHU, 2019) 

Matthew Hedges  & Daniela Tejada 

Hedges: Ph.D.  candidate, Durham  University; wrongfully  detained, imprisoned, and convicted of espionage during IRB approved research,  UAE 2018 

Tejada: MA, King’s  College London; successfully  coordinated the campaign for Hedges’  release 


Miriam Lowi 
Professor, Dept of  Political Science and  the International  Studies Program, The  College of New Jersey 
Chair, Committee on  Academic Freedom,  Middle East North  Africa Wing, MESA