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Black text says "Cancel Student Debt" with red "x" in the background.

The AAUP recently made student loan abolition a central part of its New Deal for Higher Education, adding to the mounting pressure on Joe Biden to deliver an education debt jubilee. Delivering a significant measure of relief has become the first great test of his new presidency. Wiping the slate…

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Photo of Leila Khaled wearing a keffiyeh with fist raised in the air, logos of Zoom, Facebook, and YouTube in the background.

A Zoom executive recently was identified as the person who fed information to the Chinese government, which in turn exerted pressure on Zoom to shut down several webinars in Summer 2020. The webinars were organized to discuss the 1989 Tian’anmen social movement and subsequent state- sponsored massacre. Every year, around…

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Photograph of a crowd in the street for a political demonstration. A large pink sign in the foreground says "Cancel the Debt!"

by Andrew Ross[cross-posted on Academe Blog] In one of the great ironies of our times, Joe Biden, who did more than any other politician to make it harder for individuals to escape their credit card debts and student loans, is likely to discharge a significant chunk of education debt once he takes…

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NYU AAUP grayscale

Below are several statements from allied organizations and departments regarding the recent censorship of the NYU AAUP event Against the Censorship and Criminalization of Academic Political Speech: AAUP Urges NYU President to Address Zoom Censorship (October 29, 2020) Letter from Palestine Legal, Center for Constitutional Rights, Climate Defense Project, Partnership…

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